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WIIN Breast Care Foundation is committed to promoting health equity with the education, awareness, and access needed to ensure optimal breast health and improve the overall wellbeing of women.


Working to WIIN the Fight Against Breast Cancer 

Meet Pamela Brooks

As founder and Executive Director of the WIIN Breast Care Foundation, Pamela runs all facets of the organization. Pamela has a proven track record in breast care and health with over 20 years of experience as a certified mammography technologist and 7 years as a certified Breast Patient Navigator. While serving in these roles, Pamela shares her own personal experience with breast cancer as a two-time breast cancer survivor. After under-going a double mastectomy and radiation while working as a mammography technologist, Pamela was determined to address the need for better breast care among the underserved and underrepresented women of Maryland and the surrounding D.C. area. 

Pamela is also dedicated to serving our youths by fostering an environ-ment of diversity and inclusion to support the career and academic goals of our future leaders in health and science and reducing the opportunity gap for our underserved and under-represented students in Maryland and the surrounding D.C. area. 


Pamela holds an Associates of Science degree in radiologic technology, a Bachelor’s of Science degree in public health from Walden University and a Master’s degree in public administration from Walden University. 

Meet Pamela

WIIN Mission & Vision

The mission of Women’s Imaging in the Neighborhood (WIIN) Breast Care Foundation, Inc. is to provide access to optimal, comprehensive breast care services and educational enrichment to increase awareness about breast cancer and breast health.


WIIN Breast Care Foundation, Inc. is committed to decreasing public health disparities by offering breast health services to the women of traditionally underserved and underrrepresented backgrounds and cultures to assist in making strides against breast cancer. The WIIN Breast Care Foundation, Inc. serves the communities of the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area.

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Tis’ the season for giving WIIN Breast Care Foundation, Inc. is partnering with Kendra Scott-Tyson’s Corner Center on December 10th between 1-4pm.


Join us for a day of breast care education, awareness and shopping. Purchase a unique and beautiful piece and show your support of our programs and in helping us continue our mission in enhancing health equity and expanding breast care for all individuals at risk for breast cancer.


Shop in store or online and use the give back code. Thank you in advance!

Our Upcoming Programs

Breast We Can!

Patient Navigation Program

Our patient navigation program, “Breast We Can”, provides education, resources, best practices and an evidence-based approach to patient care to connect patients to needed resources and support the breast care needs of all communities. Our program identifies and recommends additional services to best eliminate any and all barriers for a smooth transition through the phases of breast care. Whether it be screening mammograms or a breast cancer diagnosis, our goal is to decrease breast cancer mortality and increase the number of lives that are saved by providing navigation services to all communities. 


Taxi the Tatas

Transportation Program 

A breast cancer diagnosis changes your life forever. You’re faced with countless appointments  and so many things you’ll need as you embark on your journey. WIIN makes it possible for you to never have to worry about getting to an appointment ever again with our transportation service. "Taxi the Tatas" is our door to door transportation service that will provide both pick up and drop off services to make your medical appointments and personal care needs accessible. Whether it be mammograms, doctor’s visits, medication, groceries, etc, WIIN serves our communities by eliminating roadblocks to breast care, medical and personal needs of our communities in hopes of achieving healthier outcomes for all.


Crowning Glory


Wig & Accessories Program

"Crowning Glory" serves our communities by providing wigs and other products and accessories designed to assist in boosting one's self-esteem, maintaining their identity and self-image, and providing a sense of privacy and style after a breast cancer diagnosis.


STEMMERS of Tomorrow


STEM Education & Mentoring Program

"Stemmers of Tomorrow" serves middle and high school students with STEM and education mentoring to foster their passion to pursue careers in life and health sciences, technology, mathematics, computer sciences, and engineering. Our mentors will also provide the necessary resources and preparatory assistance to students with the application, essay, and financial aid process for college matriculation.


Mind Your Mind


Restoration Therapy & Wellness

A breast cancer diagnosis brings feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, distress and depression not only to the patient but the family as well. "Restoration Therapy & Wellness" tailors therapy to restore and support the mental health of those faced with a breast cancer diagnosis and their families struggling with the emotional stress following a breast cancer diagnosis and resuming a sense of normalcy after treatment. 

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